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It's understandable if you've never heard of Sic Bo. Casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and baccarat are fantastic. There is no debate here. From casinos to pop-cultural references, there is something for everyone. If they've never tried any of these games, people are aware of them.

Craps is a game that almost every casino player is familiar with, it's the most popular dice game globally, and it's available in every concrete block casino on the planet. However, that is not the only dice game available in casinos.

So it's not shocking that you've never heard of the Sic Bo game because it is often disregarded, but the Sic Bo casino game is a little different from craps.

In Sic Bo strategy is not required because it is purely a chance game since each roll of the dice results in wins or losses on any stake. However, some bets in craps need specific rolls before they may become winning or losing bets, promoting strategy.

As a result, Sic Bo Online is gaining popularity in Singapore; it is available to play at the physical and Online Casino Singapore.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic bo, also known as tai sai, dai siu, large and little, or hi-lo, is an unequal dice game of ancient Chinese heritage. Both significant hazard and chuck-a-luck are English variations.

Sic bo means "valuable dice," but dai siu and dai sai signify "large [or] little."
Live Sic Bo Casino game is a dice game from China. It is another form of gambling game mainly reliant on chance. First, you have to place your stake on the Sic Bo table.

Then, the dice are rolled, and if the outcome matches your stake, you win. It's as easy as that. Every type of bet has its own set of payoff odds.

Let's deconstruct the characteristics that make this game what this is. The more you know about the game, the easier it is to grasp it.

Sicbo The Table

The casino Sic Bo table displays the many dice combinations that the player can bet on; it is depicted alongside the related payoff odds. Having everything on the table simplifies things, especially for rookie players.

The Dice

This game is played with three dice, and the participants gamble on the outcome of each roll.

The Shaker

The dice in Sic Bo are rolled using an electric dice shaker.

The Digital Board

The results of previous rounds are presented on the digital board. However, this is only for reference or to show how the most recent games have gone.

If you want to choose your bet based on information from previous rounds, this may not be a suitable approach because each outcome is independent of the last. Keep in mind that just about every roll of the dice results in a random number.

The Dealer

Each table has two dealers whose role is to swap chips, oversee bets, and make the game go smoothly. But Sic Bo's con is that its House Edge is higher than other casino games. House Edge is the upper hand that a casino has over the game's player. The Sic Bo House Edge ranges from 3% to 19%.

How To Play Sic Bo Online?

Sic Bo may look to be a challenging game. The Sic Bo table may appear perplexing and sophisticated, but in reality, it is a basic game of chance with a learning curve that is not as high as that of poker or blackjack.

The game is centered mainly on how the three dice roll, and the main aim of a player is to forecast the outcome of a specific dice roll correctly.

On a Sic Bo table, a player can put several bets of differing amounts. Furthermore, the game is simplified further since victories, and specific wagers on a given dice roll are signified by highlighted sections of the Sic Bo table. This reduces the need to learn various odds and rewards.

Sic Bo rules are pretty simple. Your primary purpose is to bet on a specific dice roll outcome. You begin by selecting a chip size and placing the selected chips on the table's relevant region that matches your chosen bet options.

Once the bets are placed, the croupier will shake the dice, and the winning bets will be highlighted on the table.

Sic Bo Payout is determined by the odds connected with each stake. In general, the larger the payments, the more challenging are the Sic Bo odds.

The steps to play Sic Bo Online are:

  • Bet your money by placing chips on the outcomes you choose.
  • Some online SicBo games include a live dealer who rolls the dice. However, in RNG games, the player initiates the dice roll by clicking a "roll" button.
  • Collect your earnings if you made a winning stake. This is handled automatically in online Sic Bo table games. Then it's time to deposit new wagers and continue playing.

Betting Option of Online Sic Bo

Small and Big Bets

Sic Bo consists of big numbers (11-17) and little numbers (4-10) with successful bets paying even money, 1:1. You will win if you place a big bet and the dice totals 11-17, and you will lose if your sum is 18 or between 3 and 10.

When you bet a little, you will win when your dice total is between 4 and 10 and lose when it totals three or between 11 and 17.

Odd and Even Bets

This is likewise a basic bet in which you determine whether the result of the dice total will be odd or even. You will win an odd bet if the dice outcomes sum up to an odd number and lose if they add up to an even number, and vice versa for even bets.

Total of All Dice Bets

This is a common bet in which you place a wager on the total number that will show on the dice.

Triple Bets

You may also place a bet on any triple. Sic Bo's triple bets pay off at a rate of 24:1.

Double Bets

Double bets, like triple bets, forecast that at least two numbers will be the same. When this occurs, the payoff is 8:1.

Single Number Bets

You can place a wager on a single number that appears on a dice, which ranges from 1 to 6. The number of times your chosen number occurs determines the amount you win. For example, if your selected number appears only on one dice, you will win 1:1, 2:1 if it happens on two dice, and 3:1 if it appears on all three dice.

Specific Triple Bet

You may wager on a specific triple. Your wager pays 150:1 if your selected number appears on all three dice.

Two Dice Combo

This wager forecasts that two dice and two specified numbers will be rolled. For example, you may wager that two of the three dice would land on a 1 and a 5. A victory on this bet pays out at a 5:1 ratio.

You can also use a Sic Bo calculator to see if your wins or losses were fair.If you want to know how to win at Sic Bo in Casino or online, here's a Sic Bo cheat sheet to help you place your bets in the next game.

BetPayoutWinning CombinationsHouse Edge
Small or Big Bet1:11052.78%
Sum of 4 or 1750:1315.28%
Sum of 5 or 1618:1613.89%
Sum of 6 or 1514:11016.67%
Sum of 7 or 1412:1159.72%
Sum of 8 or 138:12112.50%
Sum of 9 or 126:12518.99%
Sum of 10 or 116:12712.50%
Single Dice Bet1:1, 2:1, or 3:175, 15, 17.87%
Double Bet8:1618.25%
Any Triple Bet24:1613.89%
Specific Triple Bet150:1116.20%
Two Dice Combo5:13016.67%

Top Tips for Winning at Online Sic Bo Singapore

After all this a question arises: How to win Sic Bo? Here are some Sic Bo winning secrets to help you win:

  • Avoid bets with large payouts.
  • Don't place bets based on previous results.
  • Play Free Sic Bo to hone your skills.
  • Some numbers are not more fortunate than others.

Real Money Sic Bo vs Free Online Sic Bo

Free Sic BoReal Money Sic Bo
Sic Bo Online free allows you to become acquainted with the game.When done safely, real money gambling can be a lot of fun.
You may play for as long as you like without fear of losing moneyIf you're lucky, you might be able to win real money while playing Sic Bo online.
You may practice riskier betting methods with no money at stake.For optimum variety, casino sites provide a selection of Sic Bo games.
To play Sic Bo for free, no signup or download is necessary.Betting with real money allows you to fine-tune your strategy.
It is simple and quick to play for free.Special deals and promotions enhance your gaming.

Final Thought

Sic Bo simulator is a dice game that was usually overlooked, but now it has slowly started to gain popularity; with the increase in online casinos, many new games are being introduced.

Sic Bo is purely a game of luck, but you can better your odds by using strategies or a cheat sheet. One can even play free Sic Bo before playing the real money one to learn, practice, and hone their skills.

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