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The history of gambling games is a tale as old as time. However, there're many old and new games now and then that a new type of game is introduced. The Mahjong online game is one of them. Mahjong is an ancient Chinese strategic game that people worldwide enjoy today.

Mahjong Online

You may play Mahjong Online with friends, compete against other players in real-time, or relax for a solo session by playing Mahjong online.

Mahjong was already famous, but after it was shown in Crazy Rich Asians, its popularity skyrocketed, and people started to develop more and more interest in the game.

Mahjong free can be played on numerous websites and even Mahjong online app, but Mahjong with real money can only be played on Online Casino Singapore.

What is Mahjong Online?

Mahjong Online is a wonderful game to play if you want to develop your memory abilities while relieving tension. Mahjong, also known as mah-jongg, is a tile-based game that originated in China in the nineteenth century and has since spread worldwide.

Four people usually play it, but some three-player variations are found in some parts of China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Mahjong rules are very simple. Mahjong is normally played with four players with a Mahjong set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. The players sit across the mahjong table. Each player starts with 13 tiles and takes turns drawing and discarding tiles until a winning hand is formed.

The game and its regional versions are popular across East and Southeast Asia, and it has also gained popularity in Western nations. The game has also been turned into a popular internet game.

Like the Western card game rummy, Mahjong online is a game of strategy, skill, and chance. It is frequently referred to as mahjong rummy to distinguish it from mahjong solitaire.

Popular Types of Online Mahjong Singapore

The game's popularity has spread to the internet as well. Mahjong games online are currently available in Singapore casinos and other websites. There are a couple of distinct versions accessible to play right now.

It's not always simple to gather four players to play Mahjong online with. As a result, online tournaments are now against other players for real money and awards. In addition, you may now participate in online casino tournaments and compete against players worldwide.

There is a Mahjong game for everyone, regardless of style or skill level. If you enjoy games like the rummy cube, you'll enjoy Mahjong play. These are among the most popular variations of the game in Singapore.

Chinese Classical Mahjong

Mahjong Chinese is a classic tile game from China that has gained popularity as a fascinating hobby. As for Mahjong how to play, all you need is a Mahjong set with 136 tiles, a set of dice, and a table. Usually, it is a four-person game; however, other player counts are available.

Australian Mahjong

Another type of Mahjong famous is Australian Mahjong, a complete set of Australian Mahjong should have 148 tiles of three primary types: suits, honors, and bonuses. In addition, players have tiles that provide them additional advantages based on which Wind they are in the game.

Finally, a player acquires sets of tiles known as Chows, Pongs, and Kongs throughout the game. The combination of these forms a Mahjong online.

Italian Official Mahjong

The Italian version of the game contains 144 tiles with symbols, numerals, different suits, and two dice. The aim is to construct pairs, three of a kind, straights, and potentially pokers with all of the tiles in the player's hand before your opponents. 

Most importantly, making the greatest scoring depends on the combos, eventual bonuses, and doublings.

French Mahjong

This type is a more competitive version of Classic Mahjong with point calculations based on the fan system.

How To Play Mahjong Online?

A mahjong online game is one in which tiles are allocated to the players, and the game is played until one of the players calls Mahjong (GAME), or the unused tiles run out, at which point the game is done. A round of Mahjong is composed of several games. 

A banker is generally determined by rolling the dice at the start of a mahjong round.
The computer user is chosen to be the initial banker for the sake of the computer game. 

When a player gets Mahjong online (GAME), or the tiles run out, and someone declares a KONG, the banker position rotates counterclockwise to the person who was the banker in the previous game; otherwise, the banker position remains the same.

A mahjong round is completed after the banker position has been rotated four times around the table. You can play Mahjong live games online for free or with real money at stake on Online Casino Singapore.

Learn The Mahjong Tiles and Mahjong Winning Hands

Mahjong tiles are Chinese-made tiles used to play Mahjong, mahjong solitaire, and other games. Although they are most used to refer to tiles, they may also relate to playing cards with comparable contents.

As a result, a set of Mahjong tiles will frequently differ from one location to the next. It normally includes at least 136 tiles, although Singaporean Mahjong sets have 148 tiles. Here's a little description below.

Mahjong Tiles

  • Suited Tiles: Suited tiles have a suit as well as a rank. For example, there are three money suits ranging from one to nine. Each ranking and suit combination has four tiles, for 36 tiles in a suit and 108 suited tiles.
  • Circle: The circle tiles have dots or circles on them.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo tiles have bamboo outlines from tiles number 2-9 except for one, which has a bird on it.
  • Characters: The characters are illustrated as Chinese characters.
  • Wind Tiles: There are four wind tiles: East, West, North, and South, also known as Four Joyous Tiles. They are represented as traditional blue Chinese characters.
  • Dragon Tiles: There are three types of Mahjong Dragon Tiles: red, green, and white. They are also called three fundamental tiles
  • Flower Tiles: It includes Mahjong online flower tiles and animal tiles and will have two quartets of flower tiles, each with a distinct color and/or type of label. Each quartet has four distinct tiles.
  • Animal tiles: Animal tiles are unmarked flowers that match the player's seat automatically. These tiles are typically found in pairs, with their topics based on classic Chinese stories.

Winning Hands

Below are the Mahjong winning hands

  • All Chows without any animal or bonus tiles: The most common winning hands are All Chows without any animal or bonus tiles and Mixed Suit. It is a winning hand that exclusively consists of consecutive numbers in three groups. There should be no flowers, animals, Wind, or dragon tiles in the collection.
  • Mixed Suit: A mixed suit is a mix of tiles from the same suit that contains Winds or Dragons tiles.
  • Pure Suit: A Pure Suit is a collection of tiles from the same suit.
  • Winning with a Replacement tile for bonus tiles: Players have a possibility of winning the game if a replacement card completes their hand. This occurs following the receipt of a flower or animal tile.
  • Robbing the Kong: A winning hand-completed by stealing a proclaimed Kong from other players.
  • Little Three Dragons: It's a hand-formed set of two sets of Dragon tiles, with the other Dragon set serving as the eye.
  • Thirteen Wonders: This combination necessitates using all four Winds tiles, three Dragons tiles, and the numbers one and 9 of the three suits.
  • Little Four Winds: The Little Four Winds consists of three Winds and one pair of the remaining Winds.
  • Big Three Dragons: With the Big Three Dragons, you win the game if you have three of the Dragons.
  • All Honors: This winning Mahjong hands consists of either four Winds or three Dragons.
  • Pure Green Suit Hand: This winning hand is made entirely of Bamboo tiles and the 'Fa' tile.
  • Big Four Winds/Big Four Blessings: The rarest Mahjong hand necessitates the presence of all Winds in the combo.

Top Tips for Winning at Online Mahjong Singapore

  • Count the discards. Because Pungs are the most frequent set, understand that there are only four duplicates of each tile in the whole set. This enables you to plan your discards.
  • Rearrange your hand all the time. Skilled players can do readings to evaluate your hand; therefore, continually changing tiles can prevent them from precisely determining your tiles.
  • Always have a clear Mahjong strategy or a decent idea of where you want to go with your hand.
  • Be adaptable; alter your plan when and if required. Keep the other players guessing about what you're up to and what you're up to. This method is related to having a well-defined plan.

Real Money Mahjong vs. Free Online Mahjong

The biggest difference between real money Mahjong and Free Online Mahjong is the Risk factor. While free Online Mahjong is a good pastime and an excellent way to practice a new mahjong strategy, it doesn't have any payout.

While Real money Mahjong can have a high payout if played well. That doesn't mean Mahjong online free games aren't good, but it's a game of no risks and no returns.

Final Thought

Mahjong online is a game enjoyed by many; it has so many new variations with different rules or sometimes even a little difference in tiles. The most basic type of Mahjong is Classical Chinese; it was the first form of Mahjong ever introduced to the world, but now it is almost played globally on physical and online platforms.

Online Casino Singapore has quite a few types of Real money Mahjong, but the most famous are Classical Chinese, Australian, French and Italian. But there are so many more to explore. But there are so many websites and applications where one can play Free Mahjong to pass the time or feel how things work in the game.

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